The team was made up of a diverse group of student from Dalhousie’s Architecture Department

The Installation: This structure was planned, developed and build collaboratively by a group of Dalhousie students for Nocturne, an annual public art festive in Halifax Nova Scotia. This year's installation prompted participants to respond to “I am..” or “...Has Changed Me” by drawing or writing on wooden tags that then get tied into the installation. Additionally, participants could participate by recording their response into an audio component and have their answer layered into the installation. The installation hoped to pose questions on who we are in relation the the community we are in.

The Armature: The armature structure design was developed with efficiency, scalability and adaptability in mind. The resulting design is a series of triangular modules build out of 2x6’s and 2x4’s horizontal members to connect each module. The triangular module results in a design that allows for modular scalability and diverse possibilities of form. The right angle simplifies the structure to allow for only 45 degree angle cuts so one only needs a miter saw and a drill to build this structure.