Team: Mathilde Rohr + Michael MacLean
Screen printed feathers on newsprint, polystyrene, flashlights, 2017

What did the chicken find, when it got to the other side of the road? In the celebration of neurodiversity and the deep value of art making process as a communicator of inspiration and emotion, the work captures the wonderful and unexpected outcomes of encounters with others, working together in the spirit of connection. This chicken world questions how humans deal with difference and invites visitors into a parallel universe where chickens would be equal to humans – a whimsical world through which to connect as friends: with those both feathered and not.  Mama creates the entrance door to that world.
This installation was part of the collective exhibition De l'autre côté de la rue which took place in the church of Val-David, QC and at the POPOP Gallery in Montreal. This exhibition was a collaboration with Maison Emmanuel, a therapeutic community which serves people with special needs. More details here.

Exposed in: 
Autre Bare De La Rue,Centre communauté De Val David, Val David, Quebec. 2017
Autre Bare De La Rue, POPOP Gallery, Montreal, Quebec. 2017