Reflections - Spatial Study
Team:  Michael MacLean, Pascal Xavier Poirier, Alexis Goslin
Laser Cut Wood Models, three 20" x 11" x 15", 2017

In this project, the group of designers was fictionally tasked to generate a design intervention on a family owned land in Harrington, Qc. The family wanted to start a tradition where a frozen pond is transformed into a recreational skating rink and where the guests are plunged in a fascinating environment while engaging in festivities. The design focuses on the use of simple LED torches and tarp-like reflective surfaces projecting reflected rays onto natural volumes such as snow, trees, rocks, etc… which results in a surprising body of shimmering lights.
This project was born out of a desire to explore artificial interventions in nature and ended up tapping into positive feelings of awe, nostalgia, contemplation of light patterns and re-discovery of Nature.